300 million tonnes of plastic waste

That is how much waste humans are creating every year, because of an increasing reliance on single-use plastic. Which is why in reuuse we believe that daily practices (such as washing our hands to keep clean) should not put a strain on the environment or your wallet.

reuuse hand soap tablets have been created to be environmentally friendly and effective in cleaning hands....

did we mention it is cheaper than regular hand soap?

Environmentally Friendly

Our tablet refills require 90% less plastic compared to traditional liquid soap. Furthermore tablet refills makes reusing hand soap bottles easy, so you don't have to toss another soap bottle again.

Effectively Cleanses Hands

reuuse hand soap is effective at eliminating dirt and germs.

Cheaper than regular hand soap

At less than $3 a tablet, you are paying half of what you would pay for regular hand soap.

Foaming Hand Soap in 4 Easy Steps

1. Fill the bottle with 300ml of warm water

2. Pop the tablet in

3. Wait for the tablet to dissolve (~20 mins)

4. Dispense desired amount onto palms and start washing