Foaming Hand Soap Refill Tablets - reuuse
Foaming Hand Soap Refill Tablets - reuuse
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Foaming Hand Soap Refill Tablets - reuuse
Foaming Hand Soap Refill Tablets - reuuse

Foaming Hand Soap Refill Tablets - 10 Refill Tablets

10 Foaming Soap Tablets - 8gm each   Current Batch Expires in Nov 2022
reuuse hand soap are tablet-based hand soap formulation, which means reducing plastic packaging by over 90%. Not only are reuuse soap tablets more eco-friendly, they are designed to be convenient and cheaper to refill than traditional soap, and easier to store.

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Love it

This is my second purchase! I love how it's environmentally friendly AND super affordable. It also stores much better than the normal liquid refills. And it works really well for my toddler (mild, gentle, and it's fine if she over-pumps)

good soap

It has a light scent and also light on the skin. Price is also relatively cheap for something more environmentally friendly compared to the ones that I have been using. Will be purchasing again!

my go to now for hand soaps!

fuss free to prepare and compact, making it easy to keep. the soap also foams well for hand wash. liked that the waste produced from product packaging is minimised.

Anvi Pingali
Great start but needs improvement!

Hey Reuuse team! Love your initiative and have switched my whole family over but we’ve been using your products for a good 8 months now, and your handwash doesn’t seem to cut through grease easily so it’s not suitable to use in the kitchen! Also, we have little kids around a lot and a dog, so we need an antibacterial solution, and we ended up adding a little dettol to the solution to help kill some more germs. Finally, the plastic foaming bottles were really disappointing! One stopped foaming a couple months after we bought it, and because it’s plastic, extended use makes the bottle grimy and covered in soap stains. We have to sit and wash our soap bottles, it would be so much better if they were glass instead!

Yvonne France Wee

Tablet Hand Soap trial pack - Only Available for orders within Singapore